1. Back after a bit of a hiatus!  I started a day job which involved intensive training and opening the store in question, so now that things have calmed down and are a bit settled, I can get back to doing the art thing!  Just a random doodle of a water demon or whatever.  Still loving the blue palette!

  2. WIP shot of a painting I’m doing of Nilin from the video game “Remember Me.”  Loved her character, the game was great, ending sucked, but the game was fun to play.  I’m really proud of those lips…usually it takes me forever to do lips, as I find them really hard to do, but this one not so much!  Yay progress!

  3. Happy Easter all!

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  4. Like My Facebook!

    I’ve had a lot on my plate lately, so I haven’t been able to create that much new content.  However, I did find the time to create a Facebook page for my work!  You can like it here!  Tell your friends!

  5. Gilda by TeHNyboR

    Been a busy busy week for me, so excuse the lack of posts!  Started training for a new cosmetics-based job that I’m over the moon about, and we’re opening our store in a week or two, so training’s been pretty damn intensive!  So have a picture of one of my original characters, Gilda, an expert hacker/thief in a Tron-esque universe.  She started off as a rework of my character Virus, but eventually became her own entity. 

    Can also be viewed on Behance

  6. Ginger by TeHNyboR

    Eyes are a little too high up and mouths are a problem area for me when it comes to painting, but overall I like it!  Especially the colors ^^

    Can also be seen on Behance

  7. Female Figure Study by TeHNyboR

    I like doing figure drawings and more traditional art on Sundays.  Sundays are my relaxing days, where I just chill, do laundry, put a deep conditioning mask in my hair, and just relax and prep for the new week.  This was the result of a 3 hour study in open life drawing my alma mater hosts every Sunday.

    Can also be viewed on Behance

  8. Warm up images courtesy of Pixelovely

    2 minute gestures (excluding the one in the bottom left which was around 5 because PL froze and I didn’t realize it lol)

  9. Lady Turquoise by TeHNyboR

    Feeling way better today, so I should be getting some new stuff out soon!  This is a fairly recent digital painting that I really like.  I hope you like it too!

    Can also be seen on Behance

  10. bumblecake:



    Little nugget of advice that really changed the way I approached painting. When I started blending like this it was a real turning point for my art quality.

    Forgot to add that lighting conditions and other variables in a piece make the hardness you want to choose somewhat variable. Drawing things like skin is more of a hardness range than it is a hard rule. 

    Eheh…get it? Hard rule? (aaaaaaaaaand i’m done). 

    Haa thanks, I can’t even put into words how unappealing the overuse of a soft brush is when rendering. There have even been otherwise expertly painted images that were (in my opinion) ruined by that overly soft ‘airbrush’-y look that soft edged brushes give off. 

    I mean, I just really hate soft edged brush in most cases. It’s definitely the fact that you can’t read any real confidence in the brush strokes of a soft edged brush. It makes it really difficult to nail down any solid shapes or forms in your painting. Weak vagueness both in brush strokes and with shape and form is generally not a good thing when painting.

     If I can tell a soft edge brush was used (a lot) in an image, I probably won’t like how it’s been applied.


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